Transmission Dipsticks - 2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT

C6AZ-7A020-B from Scott Drake

Part Number C6AZ-7A020-B FROM Scott Drake

Auto Part #: C6AZ-7A020-B
Now available is the transmission dipstick for the c4 used in 1966 through 1970 Fairlanes, Falcons with trans code peb-d & peg-a

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C6AZ-7A020-C from Scott Drake

Part Number C6AZ-7A020-C FROM Scott Drake

Auto Part #: C6AZ-7A020-C
New transmission dipstick and tubes are available in painted and chrome plated versions. Manufactured to match the original Ford parts exactly.

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HP5335 from Hughes Performance

Fill Tube Assembly, Locking - FORD AODE/4R70W

Auto Part #: HP5335
Hughes Performance?s unique locking transmission filler tubes for 700R4s and Powerglides were so well-received that the company has expanded the line significantly. Hughes now offers these dipstick and filler tube assemblies for most popular... more

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