American Gage

14200 from American Gage

48� Jeep Jack

Auto Part #: 14200
Features and Benefits: 48" jack with all malleable castings, 7,000 lbs. lifting capacity, ratings established with load at a height of one (1) foot A versatile tool (with the flick of a lever) that will lift, push, or pull anything... more

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615 from American Gage

1-1/2 Ton Chain Puller

Auto Part #: 615
Features and Benefits: Thick steel construction Heat treated Drop forged safety hooks Standard Lift: 5' Chain Diameter: 9/32" 1-1/2 Ton rated capacity; Test load: 2-1/4 Ton. Lifetime warranty does not cover abuse more

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72A from American Gage

2 Ton Come Along Puller Winch

Auto Part #: 72A
Features and Benefits: Preferred by craftsman who make a living using tools, and by do-it-yourselfers who only want the very best. Solid gearing and heavy duty frame and handle assembly From top to bottom a quality product from the... more

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605 from American Gage

3/4 Ton Chain Puller

Auto Part #: 605
Features and Benefits: Small and versatile line Test load capacity: 1-1/8 Ton Standard lift: 5' Chain diameter: 1/4" Handle length: 11-3/16"This high quality, rugged steel, designed for close quarter pulling, lifting and... more

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13050 from American Gage

3/8" Chain Load Binder

Auto Part #: 13050
Features and Benefits: Electric welded chain link for flexibility Drop forged one piece fork lugs and handle Drop forged ball and socket Drop forged and heat treated These heavy-duty load binders are designed for dependable... more

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13070 from American Gage

5/16" - 3/8" Ratchet Load Binder

Auto Part #: 13070
Features and Benefits:   Turnbuckle style ratchet  Spring loaded pawls  Forged steel components  Heat treated  Chain links are electric welded for flexibilityMade to bind difficult loads. Turnbuckle... more

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18600 from American Gage

2 Ton Dual Ratchet Drive Cable Puller

Auto Part #: 18600
Features and Benefits: Cable limiter which keeps 2 wraps of cable on the ratchet wheel 2 ton double ratchet drive 5 year warranty Meets or exceeds ASME and OSHA specs 5 yr warranty on material and workmanship more

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3400-1 from American Gage

600 lb. Capacity Hand Truck

Auto Part #: 3400-1
Features and Benefits: 10" ball bearing wheels Vertical or horizontal loading Easy storage, standing up or hung from handle Solid tubular construction 5 year warranty Loop handle allows for horizontal loading and... more

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635 from American Gage

3 Ton Chain Puller

Auto Part #: 635
Features and Benefits: Upper and lower drop forged hooks swivel in both directions Test load capacity: 4-1/2 Ton Standard lift: 5' Chain diameter: 13/32" Handle length: 16-3/8"This high quality, rugged steel, designed for... more

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AG229 from American Gage

1,100 lb. Hand Winch

Auto Part #: AG229
Features and Benefits Easy to use Heavy duty construction Zinc plated finish for rust resistance Smooth cranking operation Strap and safety hook includedThis hand winch is for pulling only. Easily installed, easy to handle and... more

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EZ2000 from American Gage

EZ Puller Portable 1 Ton Power Pull

Auto Part #: EZ2000
Features and Benefits: 1 Ton capacity One piece construction Meets ASME and ANSI standards 8 foot length of pull Meets OSHA specifications Makes tough projects an easy 1 person job. This true 1 ton cable puller meets OSHA... more

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PP7134 from American Gage

Engine and Motor Sling for Lifting, Bolts to Motor Mounts

Auto Part #: PP7134
Features and Benefits: Provides safe and effective attachment to a engine crane, chain-fall or 'cherry picker' Lifts up to 600 pounds Attaches to motor mountsWhen removing an engine from a vehicle, you'll need to keep it steady and secure... more

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5400 from American Gage

Hand Truck

Auto Part #: 5400
Features and Benefits: Loop handle for maneuverability over curbs and thresholds Allows horizontal loading and un-loading Extra height handle gives more stacking capability Extra long stair climbers 30 day warranty on material... more
CH-1 from American Gage

Chain Puller Display

Auto Part #: CH-1
Features and Benefits: Presents difficult products categories at eye level Infinitely flexible, can mix and match any variety of products Includes top sellers Sturdy and durable steel construction, can hold several hundred pounds... more