Childs & Albert

Childs & Albert Overview

Childs & Albert Overview

Why do the world's leading race teams and most experienced street enthusiasts choose Childs & Albert Superior performance. Childs & Albert is your number one source for high performance engine products-emerging as the world's leader in piston ring technology, aluminum connecting rods, pistons, wrist pins and engine bearing technology. In connecting rods, Childs & Albert Deep Cycle® aluminum rods offer lifespan of 5X that of any other aluminum rod-which is why we're the only company to have ever been issued a patent on aluminum rod technology. That's why Team Mac Tools, Team White Cap, Team Snap-On, Team Matco, Team Valvoline, Team Fram, Team Prestone, Team Shortline Express, Team Craftsman, Team Baca & Henkelman, Team Nitro Fish and on and on and on will not settle for anything else-they all demand patented Deep Cycle® rods only!

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