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Competition Engineering Overview

Competition Engineering Overview

40 years of Racing Excellence One of the many things I like about my job is going to the track and listening to people tell me what it was like racing with my dad, Dick Moroso. Some remember working on cars together, others about the races they won because of his talent for making speed parts. It’s hard to imagine how different racing was back in the ‘60’s. Companies that made trick parts were few and far between, and if you needed a competitive advantage you either had to make it yourself or go to someone like Dick Moroso to make it for you. Take hardened wheel studs. He came up with the idea after snapping the stock ones launching his new ‘Vette right into the Christmas tree. He also introduced tie down straps after his race car rolled off the trailer when a chain broke. More importantly, the “speed merchant” pioneered the deep sump oil pan, tall valve covers, anti-cavitating oil pumps, lightweight front drag tires, and many other go-fast parts. Today we take these products for granted, but back then it was my dad’s pioneering and competitive spirit that made it happen. Forty years after dad turned his passion for racing into a formal business and ten years into my leadership, Moroso Performance is stronger than ever. With a dedicated crew of professionals using the latest CAD/CAM software and CNC machinery, we’re not only maintaining the precision and quality of the parts my dad created, but we’re constantly breaking ground with new innovations. Our family of companies are also fiercely dedicated to making sure that the same level of detail and quality that go into building parts for the nation’s top race teams also go into the products we build for your performance street car. All of us at Moroso take great pride in our rich racing heritage and we look forward to the next 40 years. Thank you for your loyal support, and best of luck with your performance projects. See you at the track!

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