Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Products Overview

Dedenbear Products Overview

Dedenbear Products, Inc. manufacturers of high technology drag racing equipment, we specialize in delay boxes, transmission cases, racing oil pumps, shifters, Dana 60 Knuckle, Knuckle, cooling systems, practice trees and much more!

TS1 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Linkage Throttle Stops Throttle Stop - Electric - Base Plate Style

Auto Part #: TS1
Bear Stop Electric Solenoid Throttle Stop Fits Standard Holley 4150 Demon Carbs Dedenbear TS1 Bear Stop Throttle Stops

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AB10K from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear CO2 Bottle Kits CO2 Bottle - 10 oz. - Aluminum - Natural - Kit

Auto Part #: AB10K
Complete CO2 Bottle Kit Dedenbear AB10K CO2 Bottle Kits

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ABL from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Nylon Tubing Fuel Line - Nylon - Black - 1 - 4 in. Diameter - 10 ft. Length

Auto Part #: ABL

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TSC2A from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Throttle Stop Controllers Throttle Stop Controller - 2-Stage - CO2 Activated - 12 - 16 Voltage Compatibility

Auto Part #: TSC2A
2-Stage Controller Dedenbear TSC2A 2-Stage Throttle Stop Controllers

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ABSOV from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Automatic Shut-Off Valves Valve - CO2 Shut-Off - Electric - Kit

Auto Part #: ABSOV
CO2 Shut-Off Valve Dedenbear ABSOV CO2 Shut-Off Valve

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GHP from Dedenbear Products

Gauge - Air Pressure - 0-3 - 000 psi - 2 1 - 16 in. - Analog - Mechanical

Auto Part #: GHP

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PK5 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Primary Throttle Blade Kits Throttle Stop Blade - Aluminum - 2.125 in. Outside Diameter - Kit

Auto Part #: PK5
Primary Throttle Kit for Bear Stop TS5-models Fits Dominator style Carbs 2-1/8 Bore Dedenbear PK5 Bear Stop Throttle Stops

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T1 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Thunder T1 Delay Boxes Delay Box - Thunder - Push Button

Auto Part #: T1
Thunder Super Cross Over Delay Box Dedenbear T1 Thunder Super Cross Over Delay Box

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CO2 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Crossover Delay Boxes Delay Box - Crossover Delay

Auto Part #: CO2
Choose which tree--yours or your opponents--to launch off of with Dedenbears Crossover Delay Box. Use the regular delay features to launch against your own tree or flip on the crossover when you want to leave off your opponents tree. You can even... more

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ET1K from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Expansion Tank Kits Expansion Tank - Manifold Mount - Aluminum - Natural - Chevy - Chrysler - Kit

Auto Part #: ET1K
Dedenbears manifold expansion tank will mount on any Chevy or Chrysler V8 to constantly bleed off trapped air. Made from cast aluminum it accepts 1.5 in. or 1.25 in. hoses and has a 3/4 in. pipe thread for use with AN fittings. You can visually... more

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L2 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Lightning Delay Boxes Delay Box - Lightning Delay

Auto Part #: L2
Lightning Plus Delay Box with Multiple Outputs Dedenbear L2 Lightning Series Delay Boxes

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WP3 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear Remote Water Pumps Water Pump - Electric - 23 gpm - Aluminum - Natural - Remote Mount

Auto Part #: WP3
Dedenbears model WP3 is the ultimate electric water pump for dragsters and roadsters using remote frame-mounted pumps. This universal pump weighs just 3.25 lbs. and draws only 3 amps yet pumps 15 gallons per minute! It can be mounted in any... more

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AB10C-5/8 from Dedenbear Products

1-5 8 inch BOTTLE CLAMP

Auto Part #: AB10C-5/8
Bottle Clamp li Fits 1-5/8 Chassis Tubing Dedenbear AB10C-5/8 CO2 Bottle Kits

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ABR from Dedenbear Products

Valve Shut-Off CO2 Includes Fittings

Auto Part #: ABR

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AS1 from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear CO2 Shifters CO2 Shifter - 3-Speed Transmission

Auto Part #: AS1
Dedenbear SHIFTER ONLY Dedenbear AS1

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AS1AB10K from Dedenbear Products

Shifter CO2 Turbo Action Cheetah With CO2 Bottle Kit No RPM Switch

Auto Part #: AS1AB10K
Dedenbear AS1/AB10K Air Shifters

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AS1K from Dedenbear Products

Dedenbear CO2 Shifters CO2 Shifter - CO2 Bottle - rpm Switch - 3-Speed Transmission - Kit

Auto Part #: AS1K
br Reverse Pattern 3-Speed Air Shifter li With RPM Switch Dedenbear AS1K Air Shifters

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