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12880 from Gaither Tools

Gaither's Bead Saver System

Auto Part #: 12880
Features and Benefits: Single kit is used for both dismounting and mounting tubeless truck tires Guaranteed not to damage tire beads Simple principles of leverage work with the tire and rim to do the work for you, in less time with... more

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J-1 from Gaither Tools

Gaither Tool Mount/Demount Tool

Auto Part #: J-1
Features and Benefits: Mounting and Dismounting are done flat on the ground - no need to lift tire/wheel assembly Two piece system makes the job more convenient Plastic insert and rubber covers protect aluminum wheels from unnecessary... more

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12894-C from Gaither Tools

Gaither's Rubberhead Beadkeeper

Auto Part #: 12894-C
Features and Benefits: Rubber coating protects aluminum wheels from scratches during the mounting process Can be used on many different types of wheels, not just truck, including passenger, motorcycle and ATV Solid steel construction... more