Holley Overview

Holley Overview

Holley began in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1896 when two brothers by the name of George and Earl Holley started a company to produce a small one cylinder three-wheeled vehicle they dubbed the Runabout, with a top speed of 30 mph. In 1903, at the eve of the era of motorcars, the brothers decided to start the Holley Motor Company, and produced one model, the Motorette. Henry Ford, impressed by this, asked the brothers to produce a carburetor for his Model T. Additionally, the carburetor, nicknamed the Iron Pot, was also used on Ford rival Oldsmobile's vehicles. By this time, the company had moved to Detroit, Michigan and became The Holley Brothers Company. The brothers returned their focus on the manufacturing of carburetors and ignition systems. Today's Holley is a diversified aftermarket performance powerhouse.

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