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2003 from Phoenix Systems

V-12 Injector Brake Bleeder w/Accessories and Case

Auto Part #: 2003
V12-205Brake Bleeder w/Accessories and Case (V-12 Injector)Features and Benefits: Zytel Body10 ml/Injection StrokeHigh Hydraulic AdvantageLight-Medium DutyRe-BuildableClutch/Brake ApplicationsFull Modular CapabilitiesAdjustable Injection Stroke... more

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2002 from Phoenix Systems

Maxi-Ject Pro Brake/Clutch Bleeder

Auto Part #: 2002
MAXPRO-205MAXI-JECT PROâ„¢Features and Benefits: Brake & clutch bleeder max hydraulic + PSI 150 Precision metal construction4WAL and aircraft Clutch brake application Super heavy-duty Re-buildable Controllable injection pressure Automatic... more

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3001 from Phoenix Systems

Brake Fluid Test Strips (100 / Tube)

Auto Part #: 3001
Features and Benefits: Prior to the development of FASCAR technology, brake fluid testing was based on measuring the moisture contentThe use of moisture measurement technology offers only limited scope of brake fluid conditionsFASCAR is not a... more

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BFT-1 from Phoenix Systems

Brake Fluid Tester

Auto Part #: BFT-1
V20-205 from Phoenix Systems

V20 Brake Bleeder

Auto Part #: V20-205
V20-205Brake Bleeder V20 30 day warranty on material and workmanship