Universal Enterprises

ACM6000 from Universal Enterprises

Clamp-On Automotive Multimeter and Probes

Auto Part #: ACM6000
Features and Benefits: Ideal for testing blower motors, lights, fuel pump current draw, starter motor current draw and most other vehicle electric motors (antennae, door-locks, mirrors, etc.) The perfect tool for those who want to speed up... more

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ADM4201 from Universal Enterprises

Automotive Digital Multimeter

Auto Part #: ADM4201
Features and Benefits: Accurate RPM measurements for 2- and 4-stroke automotive engines with 1 to 8 cylinders using the inductive pickup MS-Pulse width function to test on-time of both PFI type and TBI type fuel injectors Duty cycle and... more

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ADM5201 from Universal Enterprises

Automotive Digital Multimeter

Auto Part #: ADM5201
Features and Benefits: Includes 4 testing functions - O2 Sensor, ground, battery and alternator charging and battery drain tests Diagnose 1 to 12 cylinder Engines - Accurate RPM measurements and 4 step adjustable triggers ms-Pulse Width... more

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AGA5000 from Universal Enterprises

Five Gas Emissions Analyzer

Auto Part #: AGA5000
Features and Benefits: Measures Carbon Monoxide (CO) Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Oxygen (O2) and Nitric Oxide (NOX) Measures five gases individually (actual, not calculated) Infrared link to optional portable printer Rugged... more

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CD200 from Universal Enterprises

Combustible Gas Leak Detector with Carry Case

Auto Part #: CD200
Features and Benefits: 50 ppm minimum detection Visual leak detection by color LED's, and has a 'Tip-light' in sensor cap to illuminate the search area Separate user adjustable alarms for predetermined level detection Precision sensor... more

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DM383B from Universal Enterprises

Digital Multimeter

Auto Part #: DM383B
Features and Benefits: Measures 750 Volts AC and 1000 Volts DC, amps, resistance and continuity Extra large, 3-3/4 digit, 4000 count display MAX capture mode Diode check function Rugged to withstand a 10' dropThe DM383B is a best... more

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DLM2 from Universal Enterprises

Light Meter

Auto Part #: DLM2
Features and Benefits:Digital light meter designed to measure light levels in foot-candles or lux over three ranges.Easy to red LCD displayAccurate to +/-5%0.4 second sampling rateOne year limited warrantyDrop Ship Only Repair Only more

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DTH880 from Universal Enterprises

Wall Mounted Temperature and Humidity Tester

Auto Part #: DTH880
Features and Benefits: Temperature in F degrees or C degrees (32 degrees to 122 degrees F / 0 to 50 degrees C) 25 percent to 95 percent relative humidity (RH) Comfort zone indicator Displays relative humidity and temperature at the... more

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PDT550 from Universal Enterprises

Pen Style Thermometer

Auto Part #: PDT550
Features and Benefits:-40- 300º FPen Style Repair Only

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550 from Universal Enterprises

Digital Thermometer

Auto Part #: 550
Features and Benefits: New ergonomically designed head Water resistant -58 to 571 F Min/Max capture Data Hold Auto power off Repair Only more

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ADL7100A9 from Universal Enterprises


Auto Part #: ADL7100A9

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AF112 from Universal Enterprises

2 amp 600V Fuse for UEIADM4200

Auto Part #: AF112

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AF125 from Universal Enterprises

10 amp 600V Fuse for UEIADM5200 3/Pk

Auto Part #: AF125

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ATL55 from Universal Enterprises

Standard Test Leads

Auto Part #: ATL55
Features and Benefits: Includes screw on alligator clips Color: red/blackThese UL listed insulated test leads are for industry standard multimeters. Repair Only

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AC519 from Universal Enterprises

Large Soft Case for Digital Multimeter

Auto Part #: AC519
Features and Benefits: Deluxe soft carrying case Zippered case holds Digital Multimeters, clamps and accessories Features inside pocket and carrying handle Measures 5.5" x 10" x 2.5"Protect your digital multimeter with... more
ADL7103 from Universal Enterprises

Labscope/Graphing Multimeter/Code Reader

Auto Part #: ADL7103
ATL300 from Universal Enterprises

Silicon Test Leads With Piercing Probe & Kelvin Type Clips

Auto Part #: ATL300
CA30 from Universal Enterprises

Clamp-On Adapter for Digital Multimeters

Auto Part #: CA30
Features and Benefits: 400 Amps AC or DC, Precision DC Amps zero adjustment 1-1/4" jaw capacity Cable extends more than 4 ft. Dual range for better resolution Low battery indicatorThe CA30 can increase the versatility of your... more
DM5B from Universal Enterprises

Pocket Size Mini Multimeter

Auto Part #: DM5B
Features and Benefits Diode Test Function Auto Ranging and Data Hold Auto Power Off Replaceable Test LeadsMeasures .1mV to 750V DC and .01mA to 5 Amps DC and AC .01 Ohms to 30 Megaohms Resistance Continuity at <20 Ohms. 30 day... more
RLD15 from Universal Enterprises

Agent 1 Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

Auto Part #: RLD15
Features and Benefits: Meets new EPA SAE J2791 standard for R-134a auto air conditioning Patented long life Heated Sensor Technology for superior performance Digital numeric leak size indicator 3 sensitivity levels Made in the... more