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Address:8600 Keele St., Unit # 33
Concord, / L4K 4H8 CA - map it
Phone:905 669 8400
Fax:905 669 0888
E-mail: Contact Magnus Motorsports
Website:Go to Magnus Motorsports's website
Description:Magnus Motorsports & Magnus Motorsports Parts offer - Sheetmetal intake manifolds, Racing trnsmissions, Pistons, Billet rods, EFI specialists and Tuning, Mitsubishi, Rotary, Subaru, Chassis work Custom Fabrication, High Horsepower, ECU tuning and Racing are what we do. Innovative solutions set us apart from the cookie cutter crowd of web-based part slingers. Thinking outside the box is what allows us to help our customers reach their goals.

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    Mitsubishi Intake Manifold
    by Magnus Motorsports

    Proven to make over 40 hp at the wheels on Mitsubishi applications! These manifolds offer excellent spool up characteristics and huge top end power increases over the factory intake manifold. Featuring a velocity stack design, and CNC machined fla...more