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4605 from Comp Cams

COMP Cams Cam Lock Plates Cam Bolts - Black Oxide - 5 - 16 in.-18 Thread - Chevy - Big - Small Block - Set of 3

Brand: Comp Cams
Auto Part #: 4605
This cam lock plate will help make sure that your cam bolts cannot back out at any rpm level. Bendable locking tabs and special high strength bolts make this plate a must for any camshaft installation.

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99168-1 from Crane Cams

Crane Cam Locking Plate and Bolt Kits Camshaft Lock Plate - Steel - Black Oxide - Chevy - Kit

Brand: Crane Cams
Auto Part #: 99168-1
These lock plates are a must to prevent costly valve train damage. Simply install them on the cam gear torque the bolts properly and bend the locking tabs over to secure the bolts from loosening.

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10088128 from GM Performance Parts


Auto Part #: 10088128
GM Performance 10088128

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