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50850 from Lisle

Lisle 50850 Ignition Spark Tester

Brand: Lisle
Auto Part #: 50850
Features and Benefits: Quickly checks spark at plug wire A handy tool to check ignition spark without removing the spark plug The tool is specially calibrated to measure ignition voltage Works on both standard and electronic... more

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328 from Electronic Specialties

EZ Tach Plus

Auto Part #: 328
Features and Benefits: Versatile instrument can measure RPM on a wide variety of engines from string trimmers to automotive Reads engine revolutions up to 20,000 RPM Built-in LED Flashlight which can be used while taking measurements... more

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TIF8800A from TIF Instruments

TIF Combustible Gas Detector - TIF8800A

Auto Part #: TIF8800A
Features and Benefits: Broad-band combustible gas detection to provide the highest level of safety assurance Automatic warm up Includes its own rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries for years of use Re-charger and ABS carrying case included... more

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26900 from Lisle

Lisle 26900 Spark Plug Wire Tester

Brand: Lisle
Auto Part #: 26900
26900Spark Plug Wire TesterFeatures and Benefits: Quickly locate faulty plug wires. No shock hazard. Now you can check spark plug wires without piercing the wires. Light flashes indicating sound wire. Skin-packed. Shipping wt. 3 oz.... more

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PP19FT from Power Probe

Power Probe 6-24 Volt Tester with 19ft. Cable

Auto Part #: PP19FT
Features and Benefits: 19 ft. cable, red/green led polarity lite - ability to energize circuits- short circuit protected- Self test feature- 1 Year Warranty  Repair Only

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20610 from Lisle

Lisle 20610 Inline Spark Tester

Brand: Lisle
Auto Part #: 20610
Features and Benefits: Gives a visual check of the ignition system Quickly diagnose problems with all ignition systems Connect the tool between the spark plug and the plug wire Tool is double ended to offer a straight boot and a... more

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PPECT2000 from Power Probe

Power Probe Short Circuit Detector

Auto Part #: PPECT2000
Features and Benefits: The Power Probe short circuit detector is a 2-piece unit. It is efficient for tracing and pin pointing short circuits in 12 - 24 volt automotive electrical systems. It’s simple to use and will help you diagnose short... more

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MS4000 from E-Z Red

E-Z RED (EZRMS4000) Super Automotive Presets and Computer Memory Saver

Brand: E-Z Red
Auto Part #: MS4000
Features and Benefits: Unit is self contained, no other equipment needed 12 Volt, 4.5 amp/hour sealed lead acid battery included inside unit LED indicates connection to battery circuit Protected by a 4 amp circuit breaker... more

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26200 from Lisle

Lisle 26200 Continutiy Tester

Brand: Lisle
Auto Part #: 26200
Features and Benefits: Checks continuity on wires, fuses, switches and other electrical systems Just clip lead to one end of wire in question Probe other end of wire If bulb lights up, there is continuity. If bulb fails to light... more

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919811 from Fluke

Pressure / Vacuum Module Tester

Brand: Fluke
Auto Part #: 919811
Features and Benefits: Compatible with all Fluke and most popular DMMs Digital pressure and vacuum measurements in a single module Transducer sealed in 316 stainless steel compatible with variety of liquids and gases Measures vacuum to... more

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20480 from Waekon Industries

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Tester

Auto Part #: 20480
Features and Benefits: Tests all four ABS sensors in under 10 minutes Faster and more comprehensive, finds problems that DVOM's can miss 100% guaranteed adapter coverage foreign and domestic light duty vehicles Great "first step... more

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76462 from Waekon Industries

Universal Electronic Fuel Injector Quick Probe

Auto Part #: 76462
Features and Benefits There's no faster way to detect fuel injector firing, even when you can barely see them No hunting for the injector wires or upper plenum disassembly to test at the connector The probe is specifically tuned to detect... more

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7866 from Innovative Products Of America

4 and 5 Way Pin Vehicle Trailer Harness Tester

Auto Part #: 7866
Features and Benefits: Plugs into the trailer plug Each LED light corresponds to the circuit being energized Provides an easy to connect ground terminal for trailer lighting set upTests both 4 and 5 pin vehicle side connections for faulty... more

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TSTPK1 from Innovative Products Of America

Vehicle-Side Trailer Circuit Tester Pack

Auto Part #: TSTPK1
Features and Benefits: Contains a vehicle side tester for 7 spade, 7-round, 6-Round, 4/5 Pin and the 3 way trailer adapter  Re-sealable clamshell for individual sales  Aggressive discount (large savings!)  Eliminate... more

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76562 from Hickok

Coil On Plug Quick Probe II

Brand: Hickok
Auto Part #: 76562
Features and Benefits The fastest way to confirm Coil On Plug coil circuit operation New variable sensitivity for expanded vehicle coverage Enhanced accuracy on late model coils with improved RF shielding Bright LED strobe indicates... more

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404 from Thexton

Thexton 404 Adjustable Ignition Spark Tester

Brand: Thexton
Auto Part #: 404
Features and Benefits: Tests for no-start conditions and for spark strength Adjustable gap allows for spark gap requirements from 0 to 40,000 volts Gauge background makes spark easy to see for accurate measurement Includes safety... more

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PP219FTC from Power Probe

Power Probe II Tester with Case

Auto Part #: PP219FTC
Features and Benefits: Tests the complete electrical system without constantly searching for ground hook-up Tests polarity instantly with red/green LED Activate electrical components instantly without jumper leads Determines short circuits... more

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23900 from SG Tool Aid

Hands Free In-Line Ignition Spark Tester

Auto Part #: 23900
Features and Benefits: Connects in-line between the spark plug and the ignition wire Use to quickly troubleshoot ignition system with "hands-free" operation Shows a duplicate view of the ignition spark Technician can... more

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25300 from SG Tool Aid

Intermittent Short Finder and Short Circuit Finder

Auto Part #: 25300
Features and Benefits: After faulty system is indicated, use to find short location Works on all 12 volt systems Supplied in clear storage boxThe number and complexity of electrical wiring systems in modern vehicles is growing.... more

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36350 from SG Tool Aid

In-Line Spark Checker for Recessed Plugs, Noid Lights and IAC Test Lights Kit

Auto Part #: 36350
Features and Benefits: Use to test spark plug circuits, electronic fuel injection signals and idle air control circuits Includes SGT23970, In-Line Spark Checker Kit for Recessed Plugs 8 Noid lights for checking GM PFI, Ford TBI, GEO... more

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