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Aluminum lifetime reusable, washable oil filter from TruFilter
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Aluminum lifetime reusable, washable oil filter

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  • Good for the life of your motor. Lifetime Warranty.
  • Superior filtration means less wear on engine or fuel systems, providing extended life of equipment.
  • Eliminate filter inventory.
  • Eliminate cost of filter disposal.
  • Extended oil change intervals from 3000 miles to 7000 miles.
  • Saves money and time and the environment.




MOST EFFICENT FILTRATION- Laboratory tested and competition proven to be over 90% more efficient in removing 35 micron and smaller particles. (Most harmful to engines) than paper filters.


LARGEST FILTERING AREA- deep pleated, duplex woven, 45 micron, T304 stainless steel filter media has the largest amount of filter area available and provides for “one-pass” ABSOLUTE filtering. Cleaner oil equals longer engine life, longer oil life, better fuel economy and fewer emissions.


MAXIMUM FLOW VOLUME- Our quad flow technology doubles the filtered oil flow allowing you motor to run more efficient.


REUSEABLE & CLEANABLE-reusable hundreds of times. Cleaning can be done with soap and water or in a solvent parts washer.



EASY INSTALLATION-no special tools needed. Simple spin-on replacement. Best fit and NO LEAKS! Convenient finger grips for a TRU grip.


REMOVABLE INSPECTION CANISTER- easy removal to allow inspection & cleaning-anytime.


SUPERIOR QUALITY & WORKMANSHIP- 6061 T6 billet aluminum housing is designed, engineered and manufactured to last the life time of your truck, car or equipment.


O RINGS- Viton ®, lifetime seals, the ultimate in durable sealing ability.


FULL FLOW BYPASS- stainless steel spring and ball incorporated in a unique design for emergency oil flow requirements.





  • Eliminate the used oil and filter from the waste stream
  • Lifetime filter systems, through superior filtration, can help extend oil drain intervals, thereby reducing the used oil waste stream
  • Helps protect our environment

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