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Toolbar Installation and Removal

This page describes how to safely and easily install, turn on and off, and remove your custom toolbar.

Install Custom Toolbar

Installation of the toolbar is a simple process and it involves these steps:

Download the Toolbar
  • Click here to install the Race Industry Toolbar!

  • You will see a dialog like this:
    Open Dialog

  • Select the Open button and run the installation program immediately.

    Note: If your browser is set to be very 'secure', it may not allow you to Open the program immediately. If this is the case, simply Save the program to your desktop and run it from there later by double-clicking on the icon.

Run the Toolbar Installation Program
  • When you Open the toolbar installation program or run it from your desktop, you will be presented with this dialog:
    Installation Directory

  • All you need to do now, is click the Install button, and the toolbar will be installed in the default location. If you wish to change the default, you may.

  • The custom toolbar is now installed on your system, and may be activated in your browser.

Add the Toolbar to the Browser
  • The final step is to add the toolbar to your browser window, and position it where you wish. The first step, is to open up a new Internet Explorer window.

  • In Internet Explorer, select the View menu, and then Toolbars. You should see something like this:
    Locked Toolbars

  • If the checkmark for Lock the Toolbars appears as in the image above -- you need to first turn it off.

  • Then, select the toolbar you want to enable from the list. In this case, we will enable the RI/SP toolbar.
    Your new toolbar is now fully installed and ready to use!

Switch the Toolbar On or Off
  • Once the toolbar is installed, you may wish to turn it off or back on again without removing it from your system. To do this, simply select View Toolbars from Internet Explorer, and then enable or disable the checkmark next to the toolbar you wish to enable or disable as shown here:
    Disable Toolbar

    Note: After enabling or disabling a toolbar, you may wish to move the positions of the toolbars around. To do this, simply grab the handle (as described above) and position the toolbar where you'd like it.

Remove your RI Toolbar