McLeod Racing Street Twin Clutch

Placentia, CA – January 16, 2012 – McLeod Racing LLC is proud to now offer our incredibly popular RST and RXT Street Twin Clutches with a state of the art performance flywheel.

Our original RST and RXT allow you to use your factory flywheel or any flywheel with the stock clutch bolt patterns. We will continue to offer this very popular option.

A performance flywheel is a great addition to any car that is creating high horsepower. Our performance flywheels both steel and aluminum are built to withstand the stresses placed on them by the power your car is creating.

Both clutches offer incredible holding power while not sacrificing drivability. The RST can handle up to 800 hp and the RXT up to 1000 hp. Both clutches also now come with sprung hub discs. This change takes what was a very driver friendly clutch and further improves it smooth engagement and excellent release characteristics.

“It’s great to know our design team wasn’t just happy with offering the best street twins on the market. When they saw a chance to take them to the next level…they took it.” says Paul Lee, NHRA Driver and McLeod Racing owner,  “You can count on us to have our products very well designed before we ever release them. You can also count on us to take our products to the next level every chance we get. “

Our RST and RXT are designed to retain the stock finger height for easy installation. They also come with ARP fasteners for a quality installation.

About McLeod Racing, LLC.

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